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Welcome to my life so far.
Currently 22 years old this year in 2014, I am back in the United Kingdom competing in the MSV Formula 3 Cup and looking to Challenge for the Championship and gain further momentum into the Professional Junior leagues of GP3/Euroseries F3 next year.

In donating, your helping me keep progress with ontrack and offtrack duties this year with everything that goes into a normal Race budget for the season; training/living/testing - Its the little amounts that help and shows that people/fans, the audience really can help someones career and that success is driven by movitation and dedication and your donation helps dramatically to this no matter what.

I encourage you to check out my story on my social media and website and to also keep up to date with the latest news and adventurous things that take place in my life. I am very fortunate and lucky to of come this far in motorsport, now I ask for that little extra push that I need! Help me win this year, help me prove that if your 100% commited to a Dream, that it is possible to make it to become True!

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Oliver’s races for 2014.



BT Sport feat. Oliver Rae's Car

This BT Sport special features my Formula 3 car.

The feature talks about this season in Single Seater Junior Racing around Europe and some old Formula 3 highlight years. Featuring Jenson Button and Karun Chandhok.

Chamonix: Who Am I?

I'm Oliver. I'm an Racing Driver with a passion for awesome. This is the first episode in my new web series, showcasing my journey to the top.

I am pursuing my adventures as a Racer. Although the journey isn't clear just yet, with some classic help and support great things are possible. I dedicate every day, determination and focus towards my dreams and goals! This is my life, racing all around the world! Supporting Bands and Athletes World Wide "YEW"!

A Day In The Life

It's time for episode 2! Being a racing driver is a full time job, and the commitment required off the track is enormous. Every aspect of life is focused by one thing, being the best I can possibly be.

Back To My Roots

Hey Guys! Here is my 3rd video of the series "Olivertheracer" titled "Back To My Roots". We venture through my last race of the season and then explore my families surfing history as I find myself in a different kind of freedom, something, allot slower paced this time! Join my on my Adventures, yeew.


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Oliver Rae


Australian Racer Oliver Rae is a determined passionate young man dedicated to a career in Motorsports. He has a strong drive to compete and will to win. Having left WA in 2011 with a dream to race and compete in Formula One he has been steadily gaining experience and building momentum. Oliver has a strong belief in himself and his ability to fight all the way to the top.

Oliver was born in WA in 1991 and was raised in Sydney, growing up around the Northern Beaches at Avalon Beach. During these years he discovered a natural ability for athletics excelling in swimming, surfing, tennis, and rugby and field/track athletics. There is a strong competitive drive in Oliver’s family with his great-grandfather being an Olympian swimmer and his grandfather, Frank Latta, who was a professional well-known surfer and Snooker Champion.

But it was on his father’s farm in WA where Oliver developed a passion for speed. He started to ride motorbikes from the age of seven and loved the sense of freedom it gave him and discovered he had a real ability and skill to drive fast and well at a young age. In 2007 Oliver moved to WA to finish his schooling and work on the family farm and this is when he starting Kart Racing which eventually led him to a 2nd place in the WA State Titles in 2011 .From here the dream was conceived to move to England and race in Formula One.

The Person


  • 2008 Finished High School
  • 2010 Started Racing Karts
  • 2011 2011-Placed 2nd in WA State Titles for Karting
    -Achieved Fastest lap
  • 2012 Moved to England and was signed up with Formula Ford, Team Enigma Motorsport
    -15 Races entered, featuring multiple wins and numerous Podiums/Fastest laps
    -10th place finish in Formula Renault Winter Series
  • 2013 MSV Formula 3
    -12 out of 16 Races entered, featuring 8 wins, 10 podiums, 10 fastest laps in the Trophy Class
    -Finished 9th in the overall standings (6 Races were not entered due to mechanical problems
  • 2014MSV Formula 3
    -Goal; to excel in this division and to gain more experience in preparation for a junior leading category for 2015.



Oliver Rae is currently seeking a sponsor who will partner with him in his vision of reaching the top to Formula One. He has a marketable style which enables him to engage in press activities and media engagements. He represents a positive sense of success to all aspects of racing.

Oliver is sociable, outgoing, and sharp in his presentation, style and person. He is passionate about racing and his vision is far-reaching.

Oliver is currently in MSV F3 and hoping to go into a junior leading category in 2015 which is two steps down from Formula One. GP3/FIA F3/World Series/GP2 is the perfect proving ground for a young racer and the ideal platform for a sponsor to showcase themselves and their brand, to the far corners of the world. This attracts the largest audience of all the junior categories.

The Facts

  • 4.8 million TV viewers globally
  • 9 events in key European markets
  • More than 1 million trackside fans

Oliver Rae

If you are interested in Partnering with Oliver please contact the details below:

All expressions of interest will be thoughtfully and humbly considered, Oliver Rae.