Blog#6 Oulton Park Weekend

Olly Rae - Enigma Motorsport Dallara F301 Renault Sodemo

Coming into this Round I made sure I was fully prepared. Friday practice was a great time for me to progress everything that I learnt off track onto putting it into practice and getting solid times from lap 1. It was damp conditions P1 and the track was very slippery but we handled these conditions very well and my Friday was off to a great start. P2 the track had dried out and as the track started coming on strong so did my pace and we were all happy with the progress being made. By P3 we had made some setup changes mainly with the aerodynamics and with the track getting quicker so did my pace. Practice done and I had a great deal of confidence coming into Saturday’s Qualifying and Two Races.

Qualifying was wet, very wet; the pace was there although I didn’t get to utilize this with a mistake on my behalf 3 laps in, running wide at Knickerbrooks left hander.  I then backed off the pace to get some clean space on track and soon as I went on a flying lap around lap 5 the session was red flagged, session over and I annoying 5th to take away.

Race 1 it was a rolling start due to the extremely wet conditions, starting 5th it was hard to get any kind of initial jump on anyone. I was battling with 4th position until my car started to lack power on and off. 4 laps to go I thought I was running out of fuel. Again it was another reliability issue with my battery, It was dying and for the first time. Fortunately I only lost two places and with the car completely dead 500m out from the finish line I had enough speed to roll it over the line to finish 7th.

Race 2 the track had dried out in-between races but another down poor wiped all hope for a dry race, another wet race but this time an advantage to be gained with a grid start. Lining up for the green flag lap in which I have 1 lap to go around and warm up the tyres, brakes and get a feel for track conditions, I managed to stall on the grid, as the rules say if you stall on the green flag lap and get overtaking by all cars on the grid you have to start from the back of the grid. However I did not and retook my position whilst everyone was weaving on the lap. Coming up to the grid for the start I took my original place and started in 6th. I got a very good start taking two cars before the first corner and another by the second, putting me in 3rd position. I was to hold this position and claim a finish in 2nd my best overall finish due to my teammate spinning on the second lap. Unfortunately I had given a penalty for my grid error on the green flag lap and was put back to finish 4th officially, even though this was the chase I was happy with my ability for race 2 and my pace, it was a good note to end on and coming into the next Round at Brands Hatch on the 15-16th of August I am feeling very positive to continue my improvements from this weekend.

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Blog#5 Oulton Park Preview

Olly Rae - Enigma Motorsport Dallara F301 Renault Sodemo



Very happy and excited to be racing this weekend, it was an unknown situation if I was able to make it or not, but I made sure that I was prepared physically and mentally for whatever outcome and looking ahead I am very keen to getting out on track!


Oulton Park is a tight, undulating and punishing track. Getting up to speed here can be quite tricky with the unseen bumps on entry, mid corner and the exit of a few high speed sections. Getting it right is going to be a very rewarding.


It’s been a good couple of weeks in-between Races and there is always areas I can improve and I look to maximize those improvements here this weekend. Enigma Motorsport have done a great job in preparing the car and getting it ready for this weekend, I would like to thank them on their work and in being patient with me.


I have put a lot of work into my preparation and I know that it will pay off. In Spa we had a few little issues that ultimately hindered my performance but, I like to reflect of the negatives and turn that into a tool that I can use to better myself in every race that I compete in. Thank you to those who support me; my team, friends, family and everyone who believes in me! Let’s do this! RAWR.