Blog#2 Rockingham Weekend.

F3 Cup - Rockingham 2014

First Race, in P2

This weekend was a last minute effort, I had some last minute funds come through and that was enough to be able to participate for Rockingham Round 3. I had to cut back on new slick tyres and brake pads just to get myself racing, thankfully I had new wet tyres from Round 1 and when the rain came for qualifying on Saturday, It was a good start to the weekend. I placed P2 in qualifying which saw me front row for Race 1, my best qualifying position this year.


Come Sunday I was ready for everyone to overtake me as they all had new tyres and we new that they would peak a lot earlier then mine. So I had to push early on and then defend like crazy! My tyres would be consistent from start to finish and I think my fastest lap was right at the end, where as everyone else’s was the 4-6th lap in.


Lining up on the front row I had done everything I could to ensure a good start and promote me into a good position to hold off those on the new tyres. My start was good, not the best but good enough. I was P2 until the first corner, I was out braked into the first corner, a car on my left and one to my right which gave me nowhere to go coming out of the corner, so I had to back off and avoid a collision! I stayed in 4th throughout the race and although my pace was quicker towards the end, the gap between me and 3rd was made up from the first part of the race when the tyres where optimal, Race over finishing 4th overall.


Race 2 we were positioned on the grid from our fastest laps, 6th was where I placed on the grid. I placed 5th overall and again my quickest time was right towards the end. I was pleased with the weekend, made some good changes that improved our performance on track and I was happy to of Raced this weekend for sure! Looking forward to the next round at Spa in Belgium. Thank you to my friends and team who supported me for this weekend!