Blog#5 Oulton Park Preview

Olly Rae - Enigma Motorsport Dallara F301 Renault Sodemo



Very happy and excited to be racing this weekend, it was an unknown situation if I was able to make it or not, but I made sure that I was prepared physically and mentally for whatever outcome and looking ahead I am very keen to getting out on track!


Oulton Park is a tight, undulating and punishing track. Getting up to speed here can be quite tricky with the unseen bumps on entry, mid corner and the exit of a few high speed sections. Getting it right is going to be a very rewarding.


It’s been a good couple of weeks in-between Races and there is always areas I can improve and I look to maximize those improvements here this weekend. Enigma Motorsport have done a great job in preparing the car and getting it ready for this weekend, I would like to thank them on their work and in being patient with me.


I have put a lot of work into my preparation and I know that it will pay off. In Spa we had a few little issues that ultimately hindered my performance but, I like to reflect of the negatives and turn that into a tool that I can use to better myself in every race that I compete in. Thank you to those who support me; my team, friends, family and everyone who believes in me! Let’s do this! RAWR.