Blog#8 New Chapter

Hi Guys and Girls,


I haven’t wrote a post in my blogs for a long time mainly due to things moving pretty slowly with my career so there hasn’t been a lot to talk about on that front, but there is some things that I can update everybody on!


Firstly I would like to say that I have finished with my 3 year campaign in the British Formula Ford and MSV Formula 3 Championship, I have achieved all I can from these categories and this means my partnership with Enigma Motorsport has also come to a end as I look to progress my future into new horizons. I have every intention in competing this year as a Driver but it is a question of funds, unfortunately.


Secondly I have also decided to move away from England and will start building myself abroad in Europe, I think it is perfect timing to start branching out. Having been in England for the past 3 years or so I have learnt almost as much as I can onto progressing my career. It has tested me into deciding if it is the right path for me. It defiantly hasn’t been the easiest adapting to the motorsport scene but I think It was the only way for me, picking it up as I go.


Thirdly I have a good 2 years to push for a career as a Professional; it’s good to always glance back at the realist side of things because it keeps you on the straight and narrow. But I hold my dreams and goals close and look to chase them on a daily basis.


I would like to thank those who have been constantly giving me the time of day to keep my career going and as my time in England comes to a close I hope to give encouragement and inspiration to those who are having or going to have a hard road ahead of them, join the team and embrace the adventure, no one knows what tomorrow brings.